For the sake of a network of new sympathizers, Russia makes video games a propaganda tool: Okezone techno

FLY – In this modern era, there are many ways to spread one’s ideology. Including one of the ways to use video games as a means of propaganda.

And that’s what Russia has been doing lately. They reportedly use Minecraft, as well as several world-famous games, to recruit new sympathizers.

In the Minecraft game, Russian players even reenact the Battle of Soledar, a city in Ukraine that was successfully taken over by Russia last January.

The video of the reenactment of the scene in the Minecraft game has been uploaded to popular Russian social media VKontakte.

Then there is also a video tutorial on how to raise the flag in the game. The flag is none other than the Russian flag.

Not only Minecraft, other games like Roblox are also used by Russian gamers to spread their ideology. One user even decorated his room with a Russian interior to celebrate the national holiday, Russia Day.

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As if that weren’t enough, group chats commonly used by gamers like Discord haven’t escaped the Kremlin’s scrutiny either. With Discord, Russia can reach more young people.

In today’s virtual age, video games and apps like Discord have a greater impact in shaping public opinion. This was communicated by Tanya Bekker, ActiveFence researcher.

“The gaming world is a platform that has a big impact in shaping public opinion, reaching a large audience, especially the younger generation,” Bekker said, quoting The New York Times.

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