Find out what is the difference between iPhone iBox and Inter? Don’t make a mistake with your purchase: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Perhaps many people still wonder what the difference is iPhone iBox and Inter? For those of you who want to buy a sophisticated smartphone like an iPhone, you need to know the difference between iBox and Inter. The reason is that they all certainly have their own differences regarding advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, you need to understand it correctly and accurately before you end up regretting a wrong purchase. So how do you distinguish between the two?

Here, Okezone summarized several sources, Tuesday (9/19/2023) regarding the differences between iPhone iBox and Inter.

1. SIM card

The first difference between iPhone iBox and Inter lies in the SIM card used. Why? Steve Jobs’ smartphone with iBox specifications can use any SIM card valid in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, if the iPhone is an Inter model, the user is very limited in using the SIM and potentially risks being blocked because it is not officially registered with the Ministry of Industry.

2. Warranty

The second difference which also concerns the iBox and Inter versions of the iPhone is the declared warranty. If you purchase a smartphone product with iBox specifications, you will get several attractive benefits, including repair of spare parts and replacement with a new unit. If you purchase an Apple product with Inter warranty, the buyer will have to accept the bitter pill because he will bear all the repair costs.

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