Find out what a boarding school is: advantages and weaknesses

TIME.CO, JakartaCollege o Boarding schools are increasingly in demand by parents who want to provide the best education while teaching independence to children. By studying in boarding schools, students will be taught everything from general science to religion.

However, there are still some parents who are reluctant to entrust their children to study in boarding schools. So what are the advantages and disadvantages college?

What is boarding school?

College in English consists of two words, viz boarding which means hostel and school means school. According to Abdul Manaf in the Journal of Da’wah and Communication (2022), college is a boarding school, where students, educators and administrators live in a place that has been prepared for a certain period of time.

Since learning is totally in the school environment, the leaders have to provide all kinds of necessities of life and teaching and learning activities. Term college it also refers to Islamic boarding schools (ponpes) which place more emphasis on teaching Islamic religious knowledge over general knowledge.

Boarding school benefits

Participate in learning activities in college claimed to train students’ cognitive, affective and psychomotor skills. One way to teach the affective world is to set an example to the leaders and influential people around. Students can see firsthand how their teachers worship in a solemn way that affects their closeness to God.

From awakening to night rest, the activities of the students or santri will be organized by the director of the college. Thus, students are trained to be disciplined with a busy schedule. In addition, students’ speech and behavior can be directly monitored to develop mental strength and independence.

Boarding schools are generally equipped with support structures to support the achievement of educational program objectives. The existence of adequate facilities and infrastructure can maximize each student’s potential and talents. Thus, not only by encouraging the attainment of religious and academic knowledge, but by channeling the interests of the students.

Study college also train students to accept differences or diversity. Boarding schools welcome students from various regions, social backgrounds, cultures, and intelligence levels. As a result, they will get used to facing the faults of others without judging.

Lack of colleges


According to Abdul Manaf, there is no standard policy regarding the administration of the colleges. There are several educational units that prioritize religious, nationalist and military aspects, while others are geared towards a combination of the three. This makes the parenting record of students unclear.

Also, like Reskiawan and Agustang’s Journal of Sociology Education (2021), there are a number of obstacles faced by educators in boarding schools. In general, the number of students is greater than the number of teachers. As a result, teachers are overwhelmed with carrying out, organizing and supervising their students.

On the part of the students, not a few feel how strict the rules are in boarding schools. As a result, some students feel depressed and bored due to lack of entertainment in school. Not only that, their freedom is shackled when kids their age are active in exploring new things.

Anyway, college able to be an alternative choice for parents who want the best place to study for their children. This is because everything concerning the needs of children’s lives will be guaranteed, starting from nutritional intake, health services, social security, and obviously the educational aspects.


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