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PLATFROM YouTube video sharing will reportedly revive the trend of using artificial intelligence (AI) on its services. It is reported that artificial intelligence will be used to automatically generate video summaries.

Reporting from Techspot, the company is currently still testing the use of AI. If the test later shows a positive result, it is not impossible to become an important feature in the future.

In a July 31 update to YouTube’s support page, Google wrote that it has started a test of AI snippets so that users can read a short summary of a video and decide if it’s something they want to watch.

The summary will appear as text on the control and search pages. While there’s no indication of what that will look like, it’s clear that this video summary will supplement the description of the current video.

For now, this feature can only be used by a limited number of users based in English-speaking regions. Users who want a taste must register to participate in the new YouTube experiment.

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Google is experimenting with YouTube all the time and not all of them become full featured. Last year there was a trial restricting 4K content for Premium subscribers, which thankfully ended in October.

There was also a YouTube trial in May that displayed a warning to users of ad blockers, suggesting they either disable it or go ad-free with YouTube Premium.

The tested features will not always be the company’s core features. So we’ll see if the feature actually rolls out next year or not.

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