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FEDERAL The Bureau of Investigation (FBI) recently conducted an investigation which ended ironically. Since the investigation, the FBI has even been caught using a banned hack tool made in Israel.

The New York Times said the investigation began following reports that a government agency was using an application filed by NSO Group. It is known that NSO Group is an Israeli technology company that once caused a worldwide sensation because it created a spy application called Pegasus.

“This collaboration was carried out in November 2021. The day before, the government even included NSO Group as a prohibited company for the collaboration,” wrote the New York Times.

Consequently, all US government organizations are not authorized to cooperate with the NSO Group. Including using all kinds of products they make. This was done because NSO Group had done many things which harmed everyone because of their creations.

It’s just that there is a US government institution that is still working together. From there the White House asked the FBI to investigate which side was determined to cooperate with the NSO group. The results of the survey were very surprising. The FBI finally discovered that the institution that was cooperating was the FBI itself.

The investigation said the collaboration with the NSO Group was disguised because the FBI was working with another contracting company, Riva Networks. Indeed, Riva Networks is directly affiliated with NSO Groups.

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“They worked closely with Riva Network and unknowingly from the FBI used an application made by NSO Groups,” said Apple Insider.

It’s just that the instrument used is not the famous Pegasus. Apple Insiders said the app used is Landmark, which can restrict and track a device’s location.

Subsequent investigation found that Riva started using Landmark in 2021. Unfortunately at this time Riva Network has not notified the FBI and withheld details that Landmark is created by NSO Groups.

In an official statement, the FBI is trying not to get caught up in these adverse conditions. “We seek to continue to use official tools legally to protect Americans and bring criminals to justice,” the FBI said in a statement.

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