Fasilkom UI features a SIBI Text To Gesture application to help the deaf community

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Lecturer at the Faculty of Computer Science, University of Indonesia (Simple user interface) Creation of the raccoon Erdefi application called Text to Gesture SIBI to help the community deaf.

Application based mobile He designed it with a team of researchers from the Machine Learning & Computer Vision (MLCV) lab and the Information Retrieval–Natural Language Processing (IR-NLP) lab. This application was created as a 3D animation text translator for the Indonesian Sign Language (SIBI) system.

Through the application available on the Play Store (Android operating system) and App Store (iOS), users can choose one of the two 3D animated character options available. There are Andi and Aini who will help users translate the desired sentences into SIBI in animated form.

The application is designed to be able to translate more than 300 thousand words and affixes.
Not only used as a translator of Indonesian phrases in 3D SIBI animations, this application can also be used as a digital dictionary of all movements in SIBI dictionary. Users can also learn how to properly report SIBI.

Erdefi and his team developed the application featuring several features to make things easier for users. There is a function to adjust the animation speed so that users can observe SIBI movements according to their needs and characteristics zoom in OR scale down, a function to rotate the 3D model so that movement can be seen from the left, right and front. Finally, there is a help function that works as a guide.

According to the official UI website, there are more than 3 thousand SIBI animations in the SIBI Text to Gesture application. Basically, SIBI gestures can be divided into speech gestures and finger gestures. Verbal signs consist of main signs, affixed signs, training words, and task words. Meanwhile, finger signals consist of the alphabet and numbers.

In developing this application, Erdefi cs has used technology image processinganimation creation, Natural language processing (NLP) and mobile applications. Before the application can finally work as a text to 3D animation translator, several stages must be gone through. First, create a database of hand and mouth movements for all the words in the SIBI dictionary.


Then, there is a process of parsing the input sentence into word components or affixes in the sentence. Animations are then generated for each verbal or affix component taken from the SIBI movement database.

There are many parties involved in the development process of SIBI 3D animation text translation application, namely Wikan Setiaji, IGM Surya A. Darmana, Sultan Muzahidin and Misael Jonathan who are Fasilkom UI students at bachelor’s and master’s level.

Besides that, there are also teachers and students from Santi Rama Special School (SLB), SLB Negeri 3 Jakarta and SLB Negeri 12 Jakarta. So, Arya Sidharta played a perfect role database movements and Narendra Arief who perfected their application mobile.

Erdefi hopes that what he and his team have done can benefit millions of deaf and speech-impaired people, especially in Indonesia. SIBI Text to Gesture application has been officially registered and registered under Intellectual Property Rights (HAKI).

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