Family education and work barriers to breastfeeding in Paseh district

Sumedang, West Java (MidLand) – The head of the Paseh District Health Center, Rini Raniati SP.MKM, said that education and involvement of family members, as well as busy work schedules, are obstacles for mothers in exclusive breastfeeding of children in Paseh District, Sumedang Regency, West Java.

“In the past, many mothers gave honey (as a substitute for breast milk), but in Paseh it is no longer there. “So it’s more about the family’s level of knowledge and the mother’s awareness of wanting to give breast milk,” she said. said Rini on Monday in Sumedang Regency, West Java.

Rini explained that, based on data collected by the Community Health Center, an increase in the rate of exclusive breastfeeding for children has been observed. From 60.6% in 2022 it went to 77.5%. This result will however be monitored throughout the day.

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However, this result is still lower than expected because it appears that, in its implementation, the level of knowledge of families in the area still needs to be improved.

She gave the example of how young mothers were effectively educated about the importance of exclusive breastfeeding during the first 1,000 days of life (HPK) every time they go for checkups at the Community Health Center.

However, once he returned home, this education was difficult to implement due to the involvement of other members. For example, when a baby cries, grandpa or grandma even gives him or her other food that tends to taste sweet in a bottle.

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“That’s why I always tell midwives, please, when you are in class, don’t just involve the pregnant mother, but also increase the parents’ knowledge,” Rini said.

Another obstacle is the mother’s awareness of giving breast milk. Rini explained that the level of knowledge of Paseh mothers, if seen from an educational point of view, is still relatively low because on average they are middle and high school graduates.

As a result, many working mothers no longer maintain as much enthusiasm for breastfeeding as they did before after their three-month maternity leave ends.

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“Because a lot of people work, they get three months off, three months later (because they have to work again) a lot of breast milks don’t work,” she said.

In response to this, the head of the public health division of Sumedang District Health Service, Dr. Hana Zaitunah Fuadi added that to maximize exclusive breastfeeding, her staff is increasing awareness and requiring every office, both government and private, to provide a breastfeeding corner for working mothers .

“In order for working mothers to feel comfortable giving breast milk, this also has to do with women’s health at work, which is why we have carried out awareness-raising activities and even asked that every office have a breastfeeding corner. ‘breastfeeding and, thank God, also in the private sector, this is necessary.” it already exists,” she said.

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Then, even if in other areas cases such as the replacement of breast milk with sugar water have been found, in her area she confirmed that the issue of exclusive breastfeeding is more focused on family education.

Therefore, the department continues to educate families through various IEC (Communication, Information and Education) means, such as the snakes and ladders of the Better Investment for Stunting (BISA) program, which was jointly initiated by the nutrition-based organization, Nutrition International (NI). with Save the Children.

“Just like in Medan, there were still people giving sugar water, but in Sumedang there wasn’t any. “So it’s more about knowledge and self-awareness,” Hana said.

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