Facts about Pegasus, advanced spyware owned by an Israeli company: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Conflict between Hamas and Israel it broke again last weekend. At least thousands of victims have died as a result of the ongoing conflict.

The feud between Israel and Palestine also seems to remind us of the sophisticated spyware technology called Pegasus. Yes, this name is familiar to Indonesians.

Pegasus is a sophisticated spyware developed by the Israeli company NSO Group. This spyware is capable of monitoring all activities of cell phone users.

This spyware has extensive data collection capabilities ranging from reading messaging applications, location tracking, accessing a device’s microphone and camera.

Pegasus has reportedly been operating in Indonesia since 2018 and is used by the National Police and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN). However, both institutions denied the use of these interception tools.

In addition to Indonesia, Pegasus has also been detected in Mexico, the United States, Thailand, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, India, Morocco, Rwanda, Bahrain and Azerbaijan.

Furthermore, Pegasus is a sophisticated spyware that cannot be detected by its targets. Once logged in, Pegasus will control the device and all of the target’s social media accounts.

The sophistication also lies in the entry path where the traces are difficult to detect. This is what made possible the boom of Pegasus for spying on journalists, politicians, officials and even celebrities during the political years.

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