Facebook update allows users to create 4 additional profiles per account: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Meta says Facebook users can now create multiple profiles and allows users to add a @username to up to 4 additional profiles linked to the main account.

After creating a new username, users do not have to log out and log in again to switch between them. Facebook began testing this feature last July.

Reporting from Dedicate onselfFriday (9/22/2023) This company advises users to choose profiles about personal life, work, and certain interests or communities that users want to appear outside of their main account.

“Whether you’re a new or longtime Facebook user, you may want to separate personal and professional connections, or you may want to create a profile related to the communities you follow and another profile just for friends,” Meta wrote in his blog of announcement. post, reported by the same site, Friday (9/22/2023).

“Creating multiple personal profiles makes it easier to control who you share with and what content you see for different aspects of your life.” He continued.

Meta says that each profile will have a unique feed with content that matches the profile’s interests.

“Imagine one profile for the culinary world you love and another profile for keeping up with your friends and family,” the company wrote.

The company said Instagram’s success with a similar feature inspired the move, and a beta test of the feature taught Facebook that many people liked a clearer arrangement of friends, groups and interests “to engage with audiences who they consider more relevant.”

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Each new profile will start with Facebook’s default privacy and notification settings, so you may want to change these manually for each profile. Additionally, your primary Facebook account will not show that you have additional profiles.

This feature has some limitations. First, Facebook’s dating, marketplace, professional mode, and payment features won’t be available for your additional profiles at launch. Additionally, messaging for additional usernames will only be available in the Facebook app and on the web.

Finally, only accounts with a qualifying age can create a new profile. Remember that your new username is bound by Facebook policies, meaning you cannot misrepresent your age or location.

This feature was made available globally on Thursday (9/21/2023) and will continue over the next few months. (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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