Facebook Messenger will no longer be an SMS application from September 2023: Okezone techno

GAIT Facebook Messenger as an SMS app seems to be coming to an end. This came after Meta announced that Messenger would no longer support SMS as of September 2023.

Messenger first became a third-party SMS service software in 2012. However, it only lasted a year.

And in 2016, Facebook announced that Messenger could once again be used to send text messages, separating Messenger messages from your internet data usage.

However, after being re-announced as an SMS application, Meta once again stopped supporting Messenger as a third-party short messaging software.

Meta did not provide detailed reasons for the discontinuation of SMS support in the Messenger application, other than the announcement that was printed when opening the application.

“If you use Messenger as the default SMS application on your Android, please note that Messenger will no longer be able to send and receive SMS messages with Internet data, after the September 28, 2023 update,” Meta wrote, launching Neowin. net.

This way, users like it or not, they have to go back to using credit if they want to send SMS. The popularity of third-party SMS applications continues to decline, because they don’t have access to RCS functionality.

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