Express your appreciation to your model teacher by thanking my teacher, see how

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The General Directorate of Teachers and Educational Personnel, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbud-ristek) invites students to thank guru them through the teacher and education staff appreciation program or GTK appreciation in 2023. Students can express their gratitude by uploading photos or videos to Instagram.

This appreciation program was organized to celebrate National Teachers Day. Thank you, my teacher, it is one of the categories of the 2023 GTK Appreciation.

This category is a form of appreciation for teachers who are role models and pride in their students because they have created a learning environment that is fun, full of attention, respects differences and is always ready to help students face the challenges of ‘learning.

According to the gtk.kemdikbud page, GTK’s appreciation was given for the good practices carried out by GTK in implementing leadership or mentoring in differentiated learning. In this way, it can also inspire teachers and other educational staff.

Participants with GTK appreciation Thank you, my teacher

So, who can take part in the Thank You My Teacher program?

These are all students at all levels of primary, secondary and special education who are registered and have implemented the Independent Curriculum. Starting from Elementary School (SD), Middle School (SMP), Special Middle School, High School (SMA), Special High School, Vocational High School (SMK), Learning Activity Studio (SKB) up to Community Learning Activity Center (PKBM ). ).

However, there are provisions regarding students who can participate in the Thank You My Master appreciation, namely:

1. Minimum age 13 years

2. Have a personal Instagram account

3. I followed the Instagram accounts @ditjen.gtk.kemdikbud and @kurikulum.merdeka

Condition of the contents of the photos

There are a number of provisions that students should pay attention to when uploading photos, including:

1. Portrayal of meaningful and enjoyable real-life learning experiences or practices using the Merdeka Curriculum

2. Single photo (not carousel) with a ratio of 1:1 or 4:5


3. Include a caption or caption of up to 2,200 characters containing:

• Full name and educational unit

• Challenges in achieving practice objectives and/or who is involved

• A story about thanking a teacher and a real experience of implementing the Merdeka Curriculum with that teacher

• Invite 3 more friends who meet the participation requirements

• Includes Thank You My Teacher, #hgn2023, #kurikulummerdekastory, #thankyoumyteacher

4. It does not offend ethnicity, religion, race and class, it does not contain elements of bullying, pornography and/or pornographic acts.

Video content terms coils

Submitted video content expresses appreciation for a teacher and chronicles meaningful and enjoyable real-life or hands-on learning experiences through the Merdeka Curriculum with that teacher. Video content terms coils as with photos, only video duration is limited to a maximum of 90 seconds.

Students who wish to send expressions of gratitude via photos or videos can upload them until October 8, 2023. Participants also have the opportunity to win prizes and the opportunity to come to Jakarta with their model teachers to participate in the highlight of the National Teachers Day 2023.

Complete information can be tracked via the GTK page of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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