Expert explains the dangers of toilet scabies syndrome in children: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Computer trends and the excessive use of gadgets among children present a host of new problems. One thing that has become popular is Toilet Skidi Syndrome.

Yes, some time ago the virtual world was full of children suffering from Skibidi toilet syndrome. This phenomenon was born from the animated series that aired on Youtube.

This animation tells the story of an army of toilets that wants to rule the world. However, these animated video clips often appear on YouTube Shorts.

Well, unfortunately, many children follow the Skibidi Toilet animation. They appear to be squatting, moving their head and eyes left and right while playing with their mouth like in the animated series and it’s called Skibidi toilet syndrome.

So what causes Skibidi Toilet Syndrome? And what are the dangers for children?

According to the promoter of the Healthy Gadget Movement, Professor Ridha Dharmajaya, this syndrome occurs because the child usually watches the animated video.

“If they imitate the movements, they imitate what they see in the animation. Then our children have been watching it for a long time.” explained Ridha Dharmajaya, quoted from his personal Instagram account, on Sunday (10/08/2023).

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According to the man who is also a neurosurgeon, this habit can affect children’s concentration when absorbing lessons at school.

“The danger is that they can no longer concentrate on other things. They can’t grasp lessons well at school.” He continued.

Therefore, to avoid this problem, Ridha Dharmajaya suggests parents to always spend time with their children to explore their potential by monitoring the excessive use of gadgets.

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