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JAKARTA – New York fashion brand, Collina Strada, after collaborating with TO THE at New York Fashion Week. This represents a significant step forward for the future of the fashion industry.

Reporting from The national news, Wednesday (13/9/2023) Hillary Taymour’s Collina Strada fashion show is known to be full of excitement with bright outfits, the models are full of movement and their beautiful appearance always attracts attention. Uniquely, even though it uses artificial intelligence, the beauty of the products offered is not artificial at all.

The process begins by sending the entire brand archive to the AI ​​system, which then generates a new visualization. Over the course of several weeks, the team refined the AI-generated design to align it with the designer’s vision. The final results are then translated from the digital renderings into real garments by the studio team.

This collection shows a delicate balance between human creativity and the capabilities offered by artificial intelligence. Striking images combine with unique and finely tuned elements, resulting in a surreal and visually captivating collection.

Starting from a skirt that gathers like a parachute combined with a hooded sweatshirt with star stitching up to shorts with a side skirt that adheres to one side. Each piece represents a fresh and unexpected twist on traditional design.

The AI ​​brings a new look to the collection with a fresh touch, while the more unique elements have been tweaked, leaving only subtle visual changes that will make you look twice. Strappy camisole tops were cut lower on the body in mini dresses, while silk suits with lace inserts added clouds of tulle at the back.

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To highlight the differences between humans and robots, models on the catwalk are instructed to show forced smiles and clenched fists. This adds a tense yet engaging dimension to the overall presentation, emphasizing the unique blend of human touch and technological influence.

The collaboration between artificial intelligence and human designers opens up exciting opportunities for the future, where technology can help simplify and improve the creative process in the world of fashion. And even so, it is important to note that the human hand is still very important in bringing these concepts to life. (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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