Enlivening the Indonesian market, iFFALCON releases millions of TV applications with pocket-friendly prices: Okezone techno

JAKARTA- Not wanting to be outdone from the rapidly changing world of technology, iFFALCON joins together to revive the electronics market in Indonesia. The smart TV brand that is still part of TCL succeeded with the number one sales of Google TV and Android TV in the world and won two CES 2023 innovation awards. iFFALCON is committed to providing unlimited possibilities for young people all over the world. the world, presenting high -quality TV products and competitive price performance.

Designed to appeal to the younger generation, iFFALCON is truly a smart TV product created especially for a unique and new lifestyle. The smart TV brand that achieved these impressive milestones, sold 3 million units worldwide and entered 16 countries, including UK, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Russia, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, India and others.

Not only that, iFFALCON also participates in the world’s largest electronics fair, IFA2022 and CES2023. With over 150 service centers spread across Indonesia, iFFALCON is committed to providing an optimal customer experience.

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Celebrating its arrival IFFALCON lands at lacing. iFFALCON presents its two best TV series namely S52 series and U62 series. The S52 series, with the slogan “Smart TV for a Smarter Life”, is available in two resolution variants i.e. HD/FHD with sizes of 32, 40 and 43 inches. Packed with additional features like HDR10, Micro Dimming and Dolby Audio, the S52 Series delivers a bright, smooth picture and clear sound. With the most advanced Smart TV system and Android TV, viewers can enjoy the most comprehensive, updated and renewable movies, TV shows and applications.

For the U62 iFFALCON series, with the slogan “Epic Features, Infinity Pleasures”, it comes in stunning 4K resolution. Equipped with HDR 10 and Dynamic Color Enhancement Image Processing features, this TV delivers sharp, bright and vivid color displays. With the use of Dolby Audio, the sound produced is very clear.

Google TV’s comprehensive and responsive operating system makes this TV the best choice for providing unlimited entertainment. Enjoy the experience of watching movies, series, games or sports without lag with the benefits of HDMI 2.1. The sleek and slim frame design of the TV also adds to the wider viewing experience.

Lazada Super Brand Opening is the moment iFFALCON has been waiting for. The key message being conveyed is “Smart TV is only 1.5 million + million free rewards”. During the procurement period of July 21-26, 2023, customers can collect vouchers worth IDR 20-100 thousand and get 5 echelons for free every day.

The flagship event on July 27, 2023 will offer the use of vouchers worth IDR 20-100 thousand, 5 free brackets every day, as well as an opportunity to provide reviews and a chance to win a Nintendo Switch.

Now, as a form of appreciation for loyal customers, iFFALCON is also organizing a giveaway in the form of a 32S52 TV unit. For more information, you can visit @iffalconindonesia social media account.

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