Elon Musk’s arrogance forced the photographer’s X account to change its name on Twitter: Okezone techno

DEMI by changing the image, Elon Musk finally chose to change Twitter to X. By changing Twitter to X, the official Twitter account also changed to X.

The problem is that this @X account has already been owned by another user. So what happened to these users? One thing that has just been revealed is the forced effort Elon Musk and Twitter made when they took over the Twitter account of a photographer from San Francisco, USA, Gene X Hwang.

The Telegraph claimed that Gene X Hwang actually created an @X Twitter account in 2007. At the time, he used the letter X because it matched his middle name.

He never initially encountered a problem with the Twitter account. Everything changed when Elon Musk decided to change the name and brand of Twitter to X.

Automatically there are several changes that need to be made by Elon Musk for the name and brand change. Some of them are changing their Twitter domain, changing their logo, installing a new logo at their headquarters, and changing their new official Twitter account.

In the past, Twitter had an official @Twitter account. That account should then be replaced with @X. Well, this is where the problem begins. Suddenly Gene X Hwang received an email from Twitter. The email informed him that he could no longer use the @X Twitter account that he created in 2007.

Sure enough, Gene X Hwang couldn’t log into his @X Twitter account. Now ownership of the account is in the hands of Elon Musk and Twitter. “They sent email notifications but never contacted me directly,” Gene X Hwang said.

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He admitted that he originally intended to market his @X Twitter account to Elon Musk when he learned that there had been a change in Twitter’s branding and name to X. Unfortunately, this intention did not come to fruition because instead of getting money , Elon Musk and Twitter actually took the @X account by force without any compensation.

“They just took it,” said Gene X Hwang, who now has a new Twitter account @x12345678998765.

This method has been criticized by many people. Mint’s website claims that Elon Musk has done many very inappropriate things since he took full control of Twitter.

He was even recently caught not paying rent for Twitter headquarters in San Francisco, US. Not to mention the issue of severance for Twitter employees who have been unilaterally fired. It turned out that the severance pay had not yet been given.

Mint stated that the total severance pay promised was US$500 million or the equivalent of IDR7.4 trillion. “In early July, Elon Musk said Twitter was in a bad financial position after reporting a 50% drop in ad revenue,” Mint said.

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