Elon Musk will remove ability X or block Twitter account

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Social media company X, formerly known as Twitter, will remove a protective feature that allowed users to block other accounts. owner X, Elon MuskFriday US time or Saturday, August 19, 2023 WIB, said another controversial move for the company it bought last year.

The block feature on X allows users to block certain accounts from contacting them, viewing their posts, or following them.

“Blocking will be removed as a ‘feature’, except for DMs,” Musk said in a post on the platform, referring to direct messages.

He said X would keep the mute feature, which filters out users who view certain accounts but, unlike blocking, without notifying other accounts of the action.

The billionaire describes himself as an absolutist on free speech, but some critics say his approach is irresponsible.

Researchers have found an increase in hate speech and anti-Semitic content on the platform since he took over. Some governments have even accused the company of not doing enough to moderate its content.

Removing or limiting block features may cause X to conflict with guidelines put in place by Apple’s App Store (AAPL.O) and Alphabet’s Google Play (GOOGL.O).

Apple says apps with user-generated content must have the ability to block insignificant users. The Google Play Store states that apps must provide a system to block user-generated content and users.

X, Google and Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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X asked to ensure security

In response to a post by anti-bullying activist Monica Lewinsky urging X to maintain “critical tools to keep people safe online,” Chief Executive Officer Linda Yaccarino defended Musk’s move.

“The safety of our users on X is our number one priority. And we’re building something that’s better than the current block and mute state. Please continue to get feedback,” Yaccarino wrote.

The company says Musk will lead the product and engineering teams. Meanwhile, Yaccarino will lead all other teams, incl law and sales.

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