Efforts to digitize learning systems in schools present three major challenges

TIME.CO, Jakarta – The Covid-19 pandemic that swept the world in early 2020 has caused changes in many aspects of life. One of the affected sectors is the world of education. Learning system which used to be conventional, is slowly turning into adoption digitalisation.

Many educational institutions are starting to adapt by adopting technology learning management system (LMS) or learning management system. However, adapting to these changes presents its own challenges in terms of implementation.

Sokrates marketing communications manager Rizqie I said that the learning system and habits in it underwent a significant change when the pandemic occurred for about 3 years. “In the past, teachers focused on learning in front of the classroom. After the pandemic, students shifted to independent learning using technology,” he said in a discussion on technology-based education solutions in Jakarta, Thursday, October 5, 2023 .

Sokrates is an education services unit owned by Bina Nusantara (Binus) that offers information technology-based education solutions for schools, such as LMS. These services take the form of programs that can help schools increase their competitive advantage through digital school transformation. While Hypernetwork technologies o Hypernet is part of PT XL Axiata Tbk which supports Internet network connections for Socrates.

“In speaking with schools, it was found that students would feel more comfortable if teachers could present instructional videos or other educational technology,” Rizqie said.

The challenges of the digitalisation of learning systems

Vice President of Innovation and Technologies Hypernet Technologies Oktaviani Handojo said there are three major challenges facing efforts to digitalize the learning system in Indonesia. The first challenge is limiting or limiting access to the Internet.


Oktaviani said several schools he visited have asked questions about how to share the Internet within the school setting so the connection is stable. “Because on average they will be overwhelmed,” he said.

So, the second big challenge in digitalizing the learning system is finding a teaching and learning system that is effective and suitable for the school. The final challenge is the support system in the school, considering that not all schools have support technologies and information facilities.

“That’s why when it comes to digitalization, who can manage it when the school itself may not be supported technologically?” said Ottaviani.

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