Educational story and career of Ferdy Sambo who escaped the death penalty

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Former Head of Professional and Safety Division (Kadiv Propam) Freddy Sambo the death penalty was canceled following the decision of the Supreme Court (MA) which on Tuesday 8 August 2023 changed the sentence to life imprisonment. , namely Putri Candrawati, Ricky Rizal and Ma’ruf’s strength was also reduced.

The head of the legal and public relations department, MA Sobandi, said the panel of supreme judges had decided to change Sambo’s death sentence to life imprisonment. “Life imprisonment,” Soebandi said at a press conference at the MA Building, Jakarta on Tuesday, August 8, 2023.

Ferdy Sambo Education Story

Ferdy Sambo is known to be a former member of the National Police with the last rank of two stars i.e. Inspector General (Irjen). This rank was achieved after having a long career in a certain position over many years serving within the Police.

Sambo graduated from Semarang Police Academy (Akpol) in 1994. According to the July 23, 2022 edition of Tempo Magazine, Sambo was born on February 9, 1973 in Barru, South Sulawesi. He is known as an intelligent figure since he was in school. In addition to taking full marks and always finishing in the top three, he is also entrusted with the role of class president.

Sambo has collected three academic degrees, namely Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Police Science and Master of Laws. Bachelor of Laws is a university-level (S1) higher education degree that can be taken for 3.5 to 4 years.

Hence, a bachelor’s degree in police science is generally obtained from the Police Academy equivalent to a bachelor’s degree. The training period is four years and graduates hold the rank of Second Inspector of Police (IPDA).

Subsequently, Sambo continued his education at the postgraduate level with a concentration in the Masters of Police Studies (PRODI) curriculum to obtain a Master of Law from the College of Police Science (STIK/PTIK).


Sambo is also known to have studied at the Staff and Leadership School for the Republic of Indonesia Police Institute and Training (Sespim Lemdiklat Polri) and the Staff and Higher Leadership School (Sespimti).

Ferdy Sambo career record

Sambo started his career as a member of the East Jakarta Police Bandit Special Squad (Tekab). In 1997, he was appointed Chief of Police Criminal Investigation Unit of Cakung Sector, Central Jakarta.

In 2010, Putri Candrawati’s husband took over as Chief of Criminal Investigation Unit (Kasat Reskrim) of West Jakarta Police. Two years later, Ferdy Sambo was appointed police chief of Purbalingga, Central Java. After a year in office, he was given the role of police chief of Brebes, Central Java.

In 2015, Ferdy Sambo was recalled to Jakarta and appointed Deputy Director of General Criminal Investigations for the Greater Jakarta Metropolitan Regional Police (Polda) (Metro Jaya). A year later, he served as the head of Sub-Directorate IV of the General Crimes Directorate in Bareskrim Polri with the rank of Brigadier General (Brigjen). From 2020 his career skyrocketed until he was appointed Head of the Propam Polri Division with the rank of Inspector General.


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