Education at Al Zaytun Islamic College continues even though Panji Gumilang is detained

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Culture or Kemenko PMK ensures the teaching and learning process in Islamic boarding schools Al-Zaitun he continued, even though the police named the leader, Panji Gumilang was named a suspect and is now under arrest.

“No, no santri should leave Islamic boarding schools because of this problem,” said the deputy for coordination of education quality improvement and religious moderation of coordination ministry for PMK, Warsito, in Jakarta on Thursday, August 3. 2023.

Warsito said that technically the efforts to restore the teaching and learning process would be promoted by the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) accompanied by the provincial government (Pemprov) of West Java (West Java) and Bareskrim Polri.

This effort is done through the development of the curriculum to be in line with Pancasila and the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia as the obligation of the Indonesian people. “So our emphasis is on coaching and mentoring efforts for educational institutions under the Al Zaytun Foundation,” she said.

Even the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy said some time ago that the right to education of students must be guaranteed and must not be disturbed by the process of resolving the Panji Gumilang case.

This confirmation was taken because there were approximately 4,985 students currently studying at the pesantren.

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Mahfud MD spoke about the fate of Al Zaytun

Earlier, the Coordinating Minister for Policy, Law and Security (Menkopolhukam) Mahfud MD conveyed the results of a meeting on the fate of Al Zaytun, one of which instructed the Indonesian Ministry of Religion to provide assistance to Islamic boarding schools, including students and their teaching staff.

He communicated that the accompanying team of the Ministry of Religion has also been authorized by the government to evaluate the implementation of education in Al Zaytun, including its teaching staff.

The purpose of the evaluation, he said Mahfud MDto ensure that the learning and teaching activities at Al Zaytun comply with the provisions of the law.

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