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JAKARTA – Elon Musk keep innovating through X, or what was once known as Twitter. One way is to get money or profit with the service Ad revenue sharing.

This service allows users to earn money from the content they create. Cuan will be obtained based on advertising revenue earned from advertisements displayed in responses to users’ tweets or posts.

So how do you get money from Elon Musk’s X application? Here are the steps, but please note that there are some requirements as follows, quoted from the official X page:

– Subscribe to X Premium or the Verified Organization;

– Have at least 5 million organic impressions on your cumulative posts in the last 3 months;

– Have at least 500 followers.

Please note that these requirements have been simplified compared to before. Once you have fulfilled all the requirements, it’s time to get money from the Elon Musk X application with the following steps:

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– Create a Stripe account (an online payment application similar to Paypal);

– Comply with ad revenue sharing requirements;

– Go to the “monetization” section in your menu and you will have access to ad revenue sharing options if you are eligible (subscribe to Blue);

– Click or tap the “Sign up and set up payment” option;

– Enter your Stripe account details;

– This account can be a place to send funds from X to an external bank account;

– You can then withdraw your income after earning US$50 or IDR750k. Finished.

These are the ways to earn money from X apps. But actually this is not the only way to earn money from X because there are many other ways.

For example, in the most basic way, i.e. opening a service paid promotion or paid promotions. Keep in mind though that this only applies to those of you who already have a large number of followers. The higher the number of followers, the higher the rate.

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