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A NUMBER OF objects feel higher than each other, even though they are actually the same temperature as each other. Try touching steel, iron, or the surface of a marble slab, we’ll agree both feel colder.

But that’s actually not the case. The steel, marble, and tile floors weren’t any colder than anything else in the same room, they just felt like they were.

As quoted from the book What Einstein Told by Robert L Wolke, it is explained that if you’ve been in the same room long enough, all objects will be the same temperature as anything else in it, because temperatures automatically swap with each other. Hot coffee becomes cold while iced tea is no longer cold.

The reason for this is that heat flows spontaneously from hotter to colder objects. This is because the molecules in a hot object move faster than the molecules in a cold object. Then there’s the term temperature, which is a measure of the average speed of the molecules.

So when a hot object comes into contact with a cold object, the faster molecules collide with the slower accelerating molecules of the latter, in other words making them hotter.

If an object appears to be initially colder than its surroundings, heat will automatically flow to that object until it is the same temperature as its surroundings. Or, if an object is placed hotter than its surroundings, heat will flow from the object to its surroundings.

This is also what happens to our body when we touch an object. That thing will feel colder against our skin because it really is colder than your skin. Our body heat will also flow through the skin to the things we touch, and the heat lost from the skin causes us to feel cold.

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So why do some things feel cooler than others? Call it a tile floor that feels cooler than bathroom carpet, even though both must be the same temperature.

The answer is that while all internal objects are colder than our skin and absorb some heat from your body, some materials steal heat more quickly than others. Some materials are good conductors of heat, they are very good when it comes to conducting heat.

And the faster a material conducts heat, the cooler it feels against your skin. Tile floors just so happen to be a much better conductor of heat than the cotton or synthetic fibers used to make bathroom rugs.

Therefore, when we step on the tiles with the soles of our feet, we feel a different cold than the carpet.

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