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JAKARTA – Mars is one of the planets often predicted to be suitable for human habitation because it has more water, is warmer, and has a denser atmosphere. However, is it true that humans can start life on Mars?

Scientists have created a model to simulate a Martian colony of people accustomed to living in isolated, high-stress environments, such as those on the International Space Station. The simulation examined interactions between people with different levels of ability, resilience, stress and one of four psychological traits: neurotic, reactive, social or agreeable.

From the results of simulations carried out for 28 Earth days with groups of between 10 and 170 people, it was found that at least 22 people were needed to become the first colony on Mars.

To maintain the colony, it is necessary to have a decent population and a pleasant personality type so that humans can survive on Mars, while obese and negative (neurotic) personalities will not survive there.

“We often tend to treat humans as mere numbers or particles without personal incentives, heterogeneity and adaptability,” said Anamaria Berea, a professor of computational and data science at George Mason University. gizmodeTuesday (8/22/2023).

Based on this report, the researchers also want to highlight the importance of considering human behavior as part of future space exploration.

“We want to show that if we ignore the social, behavioral and psychological aspects of space exploration, we can make big mistakes in our estimates, predictions and projections,” concluded Berea. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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