Discover VPN, the service that Amien Rais wants to deactivate in the Ummat Party campaign

TIME.CO, JakartaAmien Rais expressed his electoral promise to close the service VPN When Ummah party win in the political arena in 2024. He made this statement in a tweet on X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, September 8, 2023, inviting numerous comments, most of which expressed opposition.

“Those who agree, like and share! If the Ummat Party wins and is given the mandate to make decisions, we will eradicate pornography!!! We will turn off the VPN. God willing, Indonesia will be free from pornography!” this is the quote.

But what is a VPN service? Is it limited only to accessing pornography?

VPN is short for Virtual private network and provides services for establishing secure network connections when using public networks. According to Kaspersky’s website, VPN encrypts a user’s Internet traffic and masks their identity on linewhere encryption occurs automatically real time.

Encryption is a technical process in which information is converted into a secret code, thus obscuring data sent, received or stored. Therefore, it will be more difficult for third parties to monitor the activity on line Internet users and the risk of data theft.

So, how does VPN work?

A VPN works to hide an Internet user’s IP address by allowing the network to redirect them through a specially configured remote server. The work was carried out by guest VPN.

When internet users browse cyberspace with VPN services, then server The VPN becomes a source of data for users. It means, Internet service provider or Internet service providers (ISPs) and other third parties do not have access to see which websites are visited or what data transactions are performed.


Why are VPNs necessary?

ISPs usually manage users’ connections when they are connected to an Internet network and track them by IP address. Then, the user’s network traffic will be routed through the ISP’s server, which can record and view everything the user does on line.

Even though ISPs may seem trustworthy, they may share users’ browsing history with advertisers, police, government, or other third parties. This is very important, especially when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network. Various negative possibilities may occur, such as theft of passwords, personal data, payment information, and so on.

In short, VPN keeps Internet users’ data private and safe. Without an encryption code, it would take a computer millions of years to crack the code in the event of an attack.

This is what many internet users abuse to access pornographic videos more freely and without leaving traces. But most importantly, the VPN function is very important in terms of data security of Internet users.

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