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JAKARTA – Most people want to know what their salary is digital marketing in Indonesia in 2023. This is because this field is one of the new professions born in the Internet age but which has bright prospects for the future.

Digital marketing salaries vary depending on the type and level of work. The higher the level, the higher the salary. So, how much is a digital marketer’s salary? Check out the following explanation only on Okezone Techno.

1. Content strategist

If you enjoy producing creative content, Content Strategist could be your career choice. This job is responsible for generating content ideas based on the needs of the company. The average salary for Digital Marketing with a focus on Content Strategist in Indonesia is IDR 5-6 million per month.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO) specialist.

SEO specialists always monitor the performance of business websites in search engines and find ways to appear on the first page. In the company this position has an important role because it is directly related to its presence in the company. Per month, the salary of a digital marketer with a focus on SEO is around IDR 7-9 million.

3. E-commerce specialist

An e-commerce specialist is responsible for producing the content required by the market. Their scope of work is quite broad, starting from the marketplace, the web, email marketing and so on. The salary of a digital marketing specialist with a focus on beginners is IDR 6 million per month.

However, if they have more work experience, they can earn up to IDR 8 million per month.

4. Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is responsible for implementing marketing strategies created by other divisions. They take care of everything related to content on social media or company websites.

Social Media Managers are generally senior level. However, potential recent graduates may access this position. Digital marketing salaries in this field are around IDR 10-12 million per month.

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5. Content Marketing Manager

Next, there is a Content Marketing Manager position at the senior level. This division monitors every digital marketing activity across all platforms. The digital marketing salary for this position is around IDR 11-13 million per month.

6. Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital marketing analysts focus their concentration on identifying marketing performance. They will review all campaigns, content and sales to evaluate. The salary for this position is around IDR 10 million and above per month.

But again, based on the job level, there are obviously salary differences in digital marketing. At the entry level, salary is influenced by company size, work experience and location.

Salary starts from IDR 5–8 million per month. The positions included in the digital marketing staff are Content Strategist Staff, Social Media Staff, Content Writer and Copywriter.

Then at medium level, after starting a career at basic level and promoted, the next level is a specialist with positions such as content specialist, senior content writer, social media specialist, SEO specialist, and so on. The salary range for this level is around 8-12 million rupees.

Then there is the senior level: to reach this position you need to master almost all digital marketing skills. Positions at this senior level include content marketing manager, social media manager, and so on. With the responsibility of overseeing all marketing activities carried out, the salary that can be obtained at this level starts from 12 – 18 million rupees. (Salsabila Nur Azizah)

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