Digital literacy is the key to adapting to the onslaught of social commerce: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Assault social commerce Pleases TikTok Store Many parties believe that it can erode the existence of MSMEs. However, all this can be overcome as long as there is digital literacy understood by the public.

This statement was conveyed by Indonesian Digital Empowerment Community (IDIEC) General President M. Tesar Sandikapura in a talk show titled “The Impact of Social Commerce on MSMEs in Indonesia” held by Technology Journalists Forum (FORWAT ), Friday (9/15/2023).

Tesar said what actors, in this case merchants, need to remain competitive in the modern era is digital skills.

He said traders need to educate themselves to be technologically literate, considering that nowadays people are more active in the digital world in many things, from seeking entertainment, to communicating via social media.

“The problem of business competition is basically the same since the time of the prophet Adam. There has to be skills. You have to be literate, especially MSMEs who are baby boomers because obviously millennials are more technologically literate. So it would be wrong to fight without proper equipment” , Tesar said.

Tesar also called on the government to help encourage digital literacy in society. He also did not hesitate to encourage the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) to continue pursuing active education.

“It is a common job to be carried out in a guerrilla manner because social commerce is innovation. When it is prohibited it is like challenging nature. But it must be regulated and in-depth studies carried out so that the resulting policies are fair,” he explained.

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A similar thing was also conveyed by one of the social commerce marketers, Andre, who successfully manages to run a children’s clothing business under the brand Kiminori Kids. According to him, strong determination and the will to continue learning are necessary to be able to compete with the times.

“The important thing is to have the intention to learn. Slowly, step by step, learn. Starting from learning to perform live to learning to interact with the audience. You also need to have a strong heart. Initially I performed for 3 After a few hours until the end of the audio, no one was watching, but keep trying until “In two months there are more and more buyers,” he said.

For your information, Andre himself has joined the social commerce TikTok Shop since 2022. His income has increased dramatically compared to when he was selling offline.

It also said its products had been sold throughout Indonesia with dominant sales in the islands of Java and Sumatra.

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