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JAKARTA – The difference between Pertalite and Pertamax Green 92 became known to the public after it was reported that Pertamax Green 92 would replace Pertalite starting in 2024. Pertamax Green 92 itself is a new type of fuel product that will be produced by Pertamina.

As known via Youtube DPR RI Commission VII, the principal director of Pertamina, Nicke Widyawati, said that this plan is still awaiting the government’s decision and will be studied further regarding the program that will be implemented.

Summarized from various sources, this is the difference between Pertalite and Pertamax green 92

1. Price difference

As a subsidized fuel, Pertalite is sold at IDR 10,000 per litre. Meanwhile, it is currently not known for sure what the price range of Pertamax Green 92 fuel is. Considering other types of Pertamax, this fuel is priced higher than Pertalite, but it is said that Pertamax Green 92 will be subsidized by the government .

octane up to 2

The octane level in Pertalite is Ron 90, which makes Pertalite usable by vehicles with engine compression of 9-10:1. Meanwhile, Pertamax Green 92 contains Ron 92 with a 7% ethanol blend, intended for vehicles with a compression rating of 12-13:1 to perform optimally. The use of ethanol derived from plant fermentation is seen as a solution to reduce emissions and ever-increasing imports of crude oil.

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3. Emission level

Pertamax Green 92 has much lower emissions than Pertalite. This is because Pertamax Green 92 uses raw materials derived from sugar cane molasses. Meanwhile, Pertalite has even lower emissions than Premium.

4. Pollution

Pertamax Green 92 with a higher octane number can reduce the pollution produced compared to Pertalite. Motorists need to pay attention to this regarding environmental protection to overcome pollution.

This is a review of the differences between Pertalite and Pertamax Green 92. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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