Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Nezar Patria says government strengthens digital economy, cites Future Shopper report

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Deputy Minister of Communication and Information or Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Nezar Homeland said that the presence of the Regulation of the Minister of Communications and Information (PM Kominfo) number 3 of 2023 was the government’s rapid response in the digital age to strengthen the digital economic ecosystem.

The strengthening of the digital economic ecosystem in this regulation concerns postal and logistics services that need to support integration considering that these services continue to grow with the growing number of digital services in Indonesia.

“Connection certainly plays a crucial role in providing online transaction services that people can enjoy offline,” Nezar said at the Prime Minister’s social event Kominfo 3/2023 in Jakarta, Tuesday, September 13, 2023.

Nezar then cited a report titled “The Future Shopper Report” in 2022 showing that the courier and parcel market in Indonesia is expected to reach an average growth rate of 12.77% per year.

In Indonesia, according to Nezar, there are currently tens of thousands of postal service points connected to more than 663,000 physical postal networks in 191 countries around the world under the international organization Universal Postal Union (UPU).

Therefore, the connection of postal and logistics services in Indonesia must have a legal umbrella considering the extent of the logistics network in Indonesia.

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Delivery quality standards


Based on the mandate of law no. 38 of 2009 regarding the post office, the Ministry of Communications and Information has finally ratified and launched PM Kominfo n. 3 of 2023 Implementation of Other Service Posts.

Nezar also provided an example of what is regulated by the new regulations, for example regarding delivery quality standards.

“For example, the quality standards of the delivery and whether we can maintain the confidentiality of the goods sent. “Because we know that this delivery involved state agencies, including state documents that were sent, among other things, on the plane,” Nezar said.

Besides that, in these regulations there are also rules regarding the incentives granted government so that postal services reach disadvantaged, border and outermost areas (Q3).

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