Deputy Minister of Communication and Information mentions the need for AI policy to reach a practical level at IGF Tokyo 2023

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Nezar Homeland said with developments artificial intelligence (TO THE) supporting policies, such as content moderation, balance and non-discrimination, as well as efforts to strengthen digital literacy are currently needed.

This was expressed by Nezar at the Global AI Governance and Generative AI – Contribution to Hiroshima AI Process session in the 2023 Internet Governance Forum (IGF) series in Kyoto, Japan on Monday, October 9, 2023,

“We must admit that artificial intelligence carries several risks, such as violation of the right to privacy and abuse of intellectual property, which must be carefully managed,” Nezar said in a written statement by Kominfo, Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

This event significantly highlights the rapid development of AI technology. As a new technology, artificial intelligence can have a positive impact on the development of science. On the other hand, however, artificial intelligence also presents potential risks that must be addressed and managed appropriately so that they do not have a negative impact on humans.

Nezar said Indonesia understands the importance of managing and mitigating AI risks, both on a political and practical level. Therefore, according to him, Indonesia has started to develop an AI-based government ecosystem since 2020 through several national policies.

As examples of the government’s attention, he cited the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Document of the Republic of Indonesia 2020-2045, the Classification of Standards for the Development of AI-Based Programming Business Lines, and the Protection Law of personal data (UU PDP).


Besides that, Nezar expressed his appreciation to the Japanese government for raising discussion on the issue of artificial intelligence. The issue of AI management was concretized in the form of support for the G20 AI principle during Japan’s presidency at the G20 summit four years ago.

In the debate, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio emphasized the balance between the development of AI and the regulations that govern it. “In the context of artificial intelligence, there must be a balance between promotion and enforcement of regulations. “Only in this way can artificial intelligence provide broad benefits, as well as reduce negative risks,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Vinton G. Cerf, better known as the father of the Internet, expressed his concern about artificial intelligence technology based on his experience as a programmer. “The more we depend on technology, the greater the risks it presents to us,” he explained.

According to Cerf, artificial intelligence technology is not just a question of how the system will be operated, but it is necessary to pay attention to the source material used by artificial intelligence as a learning machine. The quality of artificial intelligence comes from the material sources it processes. Of course, AI technology can also produce things that aren’t true. “If technology has a chance of being right, then it also has a chance of being wrong,” he explained.

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