Deputy Minister Nezar Patria wants the journalism industry to adopt artificial intelligence technology

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology Nezar Homeland encourage the journalism industry to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technology, for example in content creation, content aggregation, content distribution and usage.

“In the future, the journalism industry must have the courage to be open and adopt artificial intelligence technology,” said Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Nezar at the “Indonesian Digital Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Industry Transformation.” industry, the challenges of ethics, innovation, productivity and competitiveness” in Various Sectors”, in a press release, Tuesday 22 August 2023.

The existence of intelligence technology is seen as an opportunity for the development of the journalism industry in the country. He said that AI technology is not only able to increase the efficiency of industry players but also increase the value of journalism and media players.

The Sigli, Aceh-born deputy minister, who is now 51, believes journalism and the cyber media industry will be able to grow alongside technological developments. However, Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology Nezar does not deny that for now the impact of the use of artificial intelligence technology on journalistic activities has not been seen significantly.

Wamenkominfo Nezar hopes that in the coming years, the public will appreciate media works resulting from artificial intelligence or a blend of artificial intelligence in journalistic activities.

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The benefits of artificial intelligence


Citing the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report for 2023, Nezar said that currently the use of AI technology in journalism-related businesses is still in the form of recommendation research and has not yet become a major part of the decision making process.

“Although AI enables image recognition for automatic tagging, digesting summaries and personalizing content to increase user interaction,” said the man known as an activist in the Japan reform movement 1998.

President also attended Indonesian Digital Conference on Artificial Intelligence for Ethical Challenges, Innovation, Productivity and Competitiveness of Industrial Transformation in Various Sectors AMSI extension Wenceslaus Manggut and USAID mission director Jeffrey P. Cohen.

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