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SALARY Data analysts in Indonesia are included in the list of quite promising professional salaries. This is inseparable from the incessant need for data in various fields of work.

Reporting from LinovHR, data analysts have responsibilities ranging from analyzing data for insights, to creating visualizations and compiling interpretations of the data. Therefore, this data will produce useful and easy to understand information.

In a company, the existence of a data analyst ensures that the information contained in the processed data can be easily understood by the company for several further purposes. The importance of a data analyst’s job in this company means that the salary you get from this profession is no joke.

Data analyst salaries in Indonesia as of 2023 vary greatly, starting from the level of experience, down to the region in which the company is located. The following is a complete explanation.


Data Analyst Salaries in Indonesia as of 2023 by experience level

Quoted from LinovHR, data analyst salaries can be differentiated in terms of experience level, starting from beginner, junior and senior.

Below is a list of data analyst salaries as of 2023 in Indonesia by experience level.

1. Beginner

A novice data analyst has little or little experience, whether less than 4 years or a recent graduate. Therefore, the salary of a data analyst in this category still varies between IDR 3.5 million and IDR 7 million.

2. Juniors

A higher level, a junior data analyst has between 5 and 8 years of experience. With this experience, a data analyst at this level has typically participated in decision making in the company. Therefore, the salary of a junior data analyst can reach IDR 9 million to 15 million per month.

3. Elderly

At the professional level, a senior data analyst has at least more than 10 years of experience. In addition to the main task, senior data analysts usually perform several business functional lines to build a better business network system. Therefore, the salary of a senior data analyst can reach IDR 30 million and above.

Data Analyst Salaries in Indonesia as of 2023 by Region

Not only in terms of skill level, the salary of a data analyst in Indonesia is also influenced by the region where the company is located. In other words, salaries from one region of Indonesia to another can be different.

According to data from Indeed, the national average salary for data analysts in Indonesia as of 2023 is IDR 5,029,637. Furthermore, data analyst salaries in several large provinces of Indonesia as of September 2023 are as follows.

1. Aceh: IDR 5,071,411

2. North Sumatra: IDR 3,447,589

3. DKI Jakarta: IDR 6,621,769

4. West Java: IDR 3,796,097

5. Bali: IDR 3,657,739

6. West Kalimantan: IDR 5,071,411

7. Gorontalo: IDR 5,071,411

8. Papua: IDR 5,071,411

Based on the above data, it can be seen that the average salary for a data analyst in each region of Indonesia as of 2023 varies. Among them, some are above the national average, but quite a few are still below the national average. So, are you interested in becoming a data analyst? (Then heal Sya’bana)

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