Danger, there is a new type of cyber attack against government entities in the Asia-Pacific region: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Cyber ​​attack growing more and more massively and taking on more and more forms. Recent Kaspersky research has uncovered a new type of attack that compromises certain types of USB drives.

Kaspersky said the attack was used to provide secure encryption of data storage. The researchers dubbed the new attack method TetrisPhantom.

In its official statement, Kaspersky said that TetrisPhantom was an espionage operation targeting government entities in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

The attack showed no overlap with any known threat actors, as reported in a press release on Wednesday (10/18/2023).

The campaign consists of various malicious modules. This allows them to remotely execute commands, collect files and information, and transfer them.

Furthermore, Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is capable of executing other malicious files on infected systems.

“Our investigation revealed a high level of sophistication, including virtualization-based software circumvention, low-level communication with USB drives using direct SCSI commands, and self-replication via connected secure USB,” he said Noushin Shabab, Kaspersky researcher.

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“This operation was carried out by highly skilled and resourceful cyber criminals, driven by an interest in espionage activities within sensitive and protected government networks,” he added.

Noushin also provides several tips to avoid attacks targeted by known or unknown threat actors. The steps are as follows:

– Regularly update your operating system, applications and antivirus software to fix any known vulnerabilities.

– Be wary of emails, messages or calls that ask for sensitive information. Verify the sender’s identity before sharing personal details or clicking on suspicious links.

– Provide your SOC team with access to the latest threat intelligence (IT). Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal is a single point of access for enterprise IT, providing cyber attack data and insights collected by Kaspersky over 20 years.

– Upskill your cybersecurity team to address the latest targeted threats with Kaspersky online training developed by GReAT experts

– For timely detection, investigation and resolution of endpoint-level incidents, implement an EDR solution such as Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response.

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