Danareksa aims to make industrial area clusters more modern

They must transform from what was previously traditional, which only involved the sale of land

Jakarta (MidLand) – PT Danareksa (Persero) President and Director Yadi Jaya Ruchandi said he will focus on making Danareksa Holding’s industrial area cluster more modern.

Yadi said that Danareksa Holding will focus on the development of industrial areas this year. According to him, so far the clusters of industrial areas have always operated in a traditional way or have been limited only to the sale of land.

“They need to transform themselves from what was traditional, which was just selling land. Now we are asking them to go into grassroots development serviceAS service oriented so how is he? male service tenanthis,” Yadi said Tuesday in Jakarta.

Plus, Yadi said, this change seemed easy. But in reality it requires a lot of effort, because the transformation must be carried out in a comprehensive way.

“Edit mentality in reality, culture also changes. Well, this is actually the role of Danareksa holding company to ensure that this transformation can be controlled and accelerated,” he said.

Yadi said Danareksa Holding’s sectors, such as water resources, media financial services and technology, recorded an average growth of more than 10%.

However, Danareksa will continue to transform for the better so that its growth is even stronger.

Previously, Yadi said it would merge its two subsidiaries, PT Danareksa Finance and PT PPA Finance in 2024.

Danareksa owns two similar financial services companies. This merger was also carried out as a form of efficiency or economies of scale.

According to Yadi, with a financial services company they will be more focused on carrying out their tasks.

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Reporter: Maria Cicilia Galuh Prayudhia
Editor: Faisal Yunianto
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