Creative, this player builds a luxurious castle in Minecraft to propose to his girlfriend: Okezone techno

MINECRAFT known as one of the games that sharpens the creativity of its players. Evidently, one of the players recently managed to build a big castle and look luxurious for his girlfriend’s marriage proposal.

Reddit user @jesus_keanu shared some photos of the beauty and scale of the castle built in Minecraft as an engagement present.

It seemed to build a typical medieval castle in Europe. Besides that he also decorated the entire interior of the castle with detailed furniture and ornaments.

The beautifully uploaded castle has also received praise from other Reddit users. They agreed that the creator really has an extraordinary passion for the Minecraft game and, obviously, it was motivated by his mistress.


“Great, your boyfriend is very lucky,” praised Reddit user Dependent-Strain-471.

“It’s so beautiful! Pay attention to every detail of the room, it’s amazing,” intervened in the report of lifegivessulmons.


A number of other users also seemed intrigued by the process of making the castle. The creator has promised to share a video of the game making process.

However, the player’s move clearly deserves the thumbs up. Besides being creative, the big castle he built seems to be proof of how much he loves his girlfriend. Interested in trying it too?

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