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JURIEN’S BAY – A mysterious object suspected of being a UFO has recently been found near Jurien Bay, Western Australia. The Australian space agency then responded to the news.

Before the news managed to create a stir in the community. Many associate these objects with aliens and UFOs.

However, the Australian space agency announced that after an investigation, the UFO-like object was actually debris from the launch of the Polar satellite (PSLV) belonging to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

“We have concluded that the object located on the coast near Jurien Bay in Western Australia is most likely the wreckage of a third stage ejected PSLV which was a medium range launch vehicle operated by @isro,” they said on Twitter ( X).


An ISRO official said the object was most likely an unburned part of the PSLV rocket that launched a navigation satellite for the IRNSS constellation about two months ago.

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It was revealed that the satellite was launched in a southerly direction. It is possible that part of the rocket did not burn completely during its fallout in the atmosphere, but instead fell into the ocean. The waves then swept the debris towards the Australian coast.

The debris has now been recovered from Australia and India. Each country will then work together to take the next steps, bearing in mind that there are obligations to be fulfilled by the two countries under the United Nations Space Agreement.


Under the UN Convention on International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Objects, countries must bear responsibility for all space objects launched within their territory, summarized by The Indian Express, Thursday (3/8/2023 ).

This means that Australia can sue India for any damage done to its territory and India will be liable for all damages caused by the object if any.

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