CPNS and PPPK 2023 training for graduates of professional and equivalent schools, from BIN to the Prosecutor’s Office

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Registration for the selection of candidates for public employees (CPNS) 2023 was open from September 20 to October 9, 2023. Numerous training courses are open for graduates of education levels ranging from high school/professional school graduates and equivalents, diploma, undergraduate, to postgraduate.

According to the official website of the State Civil Service Agency (BKN), the government has opened approximately 572,498 state civil service (ASN) trainings this year. This figure is divided into future public employees (CPNS) and public employees with an employment contract (PPPK). The number of CPNS formations is 28,903 people and 543,593 people for PPPK.

So, if you are a vocational school graduate and want to participate in CPNS or PPPK 2023, where can you register? See the full summary of information below.

1. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources – Volcano observer and commodity quality tester

The Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) has opened a series of training courses for vocational school graduates and equivalent graduates. There are at least 11 training assignments required. Six formations are for volcano observer positions and another 5 formations are for commodity quality examiner positions.

2. State Intelligence Agency – Intelligence Management Assistant

The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) has also opened training courses for SMA/SMK equivalent graduates. There are at least a total of 77 backgrounds for the entry-level position – intelligence management assistant. Subsequently, dozens of people who pass the selection will be placed in operational agencies, regional state intelligence agencies and national intelligence deputies.

3. National SAR Agency – Beginner rescuer

Vocational school graduates who wish to participate in the CPNS or PPPK 2023 can register with the SAR National Agency or Basarnas. This institution which focuses on search and rescue operations has opened several new training placements spread across Indonesia. The trainings available are for novice rescuers, naval crew and many other positions.

4. Office of the Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia – Case management and surveillance of detainees

The Indonesian Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a total of 4,400 training courses for high school/vocational school graduates and equivalents. This number is divided into two positions, namely case management officers with 2,142 formations and another 2,258 formations for prison guards.

5. Ministry of Agriculture – Paramedics and animal quarantine inspectors

The Ministry of Agriculture has also opened a series of training courses for high school/vocational school graduates and equivalents. The positions required in the Ministry of Agriculture for this level of education are animal quarantine paramedics and animal quarantine inspectors.

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