Copying Netflix, Disney Plus bans users from sharing passwords starting next year: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Disney Plus will follow Netflix’s lead to stop sharing password or the user’s password so that his colleagues can use it. This rule will come into effect from next year.

Before Netflix enforced the rule earlier this year and managed to grow revenue while gaining new subscribers, it reported last July.

Disney CEO Bob Iger will then implement a similar option to reduce fraudulent practices that harm his company. But he wasn’t sure if that would help their streaming service grow.

“Later this year we will begin updating our customer agreements with additional terms and our sharing policy. And we will adopt tactics to promote monetization around 2024”. said Iger quoted ignThursday (8/10/2023).

“In 2024 we will discuss this matter further,” Iger continued.

In addition to strictly prohibiting the sharing of passwords, Disney also plans to increase the costs of the service. It has been reported that starting October 12, the price of Disney Plus Premium will increase to US$13 (almost IDR 200,000) per month.

While fairly hopeful, Disney Plus has actually had no luck this year. Many of their films and series have faced criticism and lost customers.

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