Commemorating 200 years of Alfred Russel Wallace becoming a biodiversity research exchange forum

TIME.CO, Macassar – Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) AND Hasanuddin University Commemorating 200 years of Alfred Russell Wallace in Makassar City- Maros Regency, 13-15 August 2023.

The activity was divided into several series, starting from tracing Alfred Wallace’s footprints in Maros to an exhibition of paintings and photographs of animals endemic to the Wallacea region. “This is a scientific celebration,” Hasanuddin University Vice Chancellor Adi Maulana said on Tuesday, Aug. 15, 2023.

He explained that this activity not only exists in space-time, but also predicts the future in evolution and life sciences, so that there is a fusion of past and present thoughts. Furthermore, according to Adi, this symposium is also a forum for exchanging information on research results in the field of biodiversity and endemicity in the Wallacea region.

Meanwhile, the head of the committee, Siti Halimah, added that many domestic and foreign scientists attended the event, including researchers from Gajah Mada Pri Utami University, Jamaluddin Fitrah Alam from Hasanuddin University. From abroad are Adam Brumm from Griffith University, David Mitchel from Australia and Matthew Struibig from the University of Kent.

In addition to that, he said, there was also a discussion session for attendees. This was done so they could deepen their understanding of Wallace’s evolution, biodiversity, and contribution to the Wallacea region. “We also encourage everyone to research the past,” Siti added.

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He gave an example of drilling only one well and it costs 10 million dollars and it is not yet known whether it will be successful or not. However, if it works, then it is superior to other renewable energies. “The electricity supply is stable regardless of whether the weather is cloudy, rainy or dry. It is a natural subsoil,” Pri added.

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