Coming soon, here are a series of new Instagram features designed for Generation Z

TIME.CO, JakartaInstagram It will reportedly soon launch new features designed for Generation Z users. Meta previewed some of the new features during an educational session in Gurgaon. The testing phase of these features will begin in the near future.

Quoted from Gadgets now, next line characteristic news coming to Instagram.

1. Birthday

This feature will help users remind friends and followers when their birthday is. It also allows their friends and followers to celebrate in fun ways, such as with stickers and confetti.

2. Audio notes and video notes on selfies

Notes have gained popularity among young people as a convenient means of sharing moments with friends. This is one of the main methods used by teenage users to communicate with their peers, in addition to direct messaging (DM).


To maximize this, Instagram has introduced two new types of notes, namely audio notes and video selfie notes. Audio Notes will allow users to leave voice recordings as notes. As for Selfie Video Notes: It allows users to record short videos that will play in the user’s notes for 24 hours, just like in the Stories feature.

3. Multiple List Stories

This new feature allows users to expand their list beyond just Close Friends. In the near future, users will have the ability to create lists for various groups Friend and even family. Essentially anyone the user wants to be on the list.

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