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THE GAME Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Gameweek 2 is currently loved by football lovers. To play it, every player is required to register on the official website, i.e. or on the mobile application. After registration each player will be allocated a capital of 100 million pounds.

Besides that, even the beginners can play it so as not to lose when they compete with the lovers of this game. One of them pays attention to Fantasy Premier League (FPL) game tactics to win.

Some Fantasy Premier League (FPL) Gameweek 2 tips that you can try are forming a lineup that can collect as many points as possible in 38 Premier League matches.

These points are calculated based on the performance of the players in the team, the number of goals of each player, the number of assists, yellow cards and so on

Next, each player must choose 1 player to become the captain and 1 player to become the vice-captain. For each player who becomes captain and plays, the points earned by that player will be doubled.

All of these steps must be performed one hour before the original game kicks off which begins each gameweek.

In order for you to get maximum points in Gameweek 2, here are the Fantasy Premier League tips for Gameweek 2 to discover the players with the best performance in Gameweek 1 yesterday for each position:

– Goalkeeper (POR): Leno (Fulham)

Picking up an impressive 12 points, Leno showcased his shot-stopping abilities and contributed heavily to Fulham’s defensive strength.

-Defender (DEF)

Raphaël Varane (Manchester United) – Having made an immediate impact with 14 points, Varane’s defensive prowess and potential clean sheet caught the attention of the FPL manager.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka (Manchester United) – A solid performance at either end of the pitch netted Wan-Bissaka 12 points, making him an attractive option in defence.

Disasi (Chelsea) – With 11 points Disasi shows the strength of Chelsea’s defense and his ability to contribute to the team’s success.

Andersen (Crystal Palace) – Earning 9 points, Andersen’s solid defensive performance could make him a hidden gem in the FPL squad.

– Midfielder (MID):

Rodrigo (Manchester City) – Strong presence in midfield, Rodrigo’s 13 points highlight his ability to control the game and deliver crucial passes.

Barnes (Newcastle) – With 11 points, Barnes has made a name for himself with a performance in midfield that includes defensive contributions and offensive talent.

Saka (Arsenal) – Saka’s 10 points, versatility and involvement in Arsenal’s attack make him an attractive option for midfield.

-Forward (FWD):

Isak (Newcastle) – Saved for 13 points, Isak’s scoring skills are brought back to life, making him a striker to watch.

Haaland (Manchester City) – Also on 13 points, Haaland’s refinement and immense potential have playmakers considering him.

Wissa (Brentford) – With 9 points, Wissa’s Premier League debut shows his potential to be a valuable asset in Brentford’s attack.

-Most Transferred Players

Approaching the second week of the game, there are several players who have transferred more, so it’s worth considering.

Isak (Newcastle, FWD, £7.6)

Isak’s impressive performance in GW1 prompted a wave of managers to move him. With a reasonable price and strong performances, he is one to watch as Newcastle’s strike force.

Chilwell (Chelsea, DEF, £5.6)

Chilwell’s return to the Chelsea lineup has sparked interest in FPL circles. A solid defender with attacking potential, he could become a valuable asset as Chelsea look to strengthen their defence.

Saka (Arsenal, MET, £8.6)

Saka’s versatility and involvement in the Arsenal attack have made him an FPL favourite. His popularity is reflected in his high percentage of votes.

Rodrigo (Manchester City, MODERATE, £5.6)

Rodrigo’s presence in midfield and the point tally have sparked interest, especially considering Manchester City’s attacking potential.

Crusader (Arsenal, DEF, £5.0)

Lilina’s affordable pricing and potential for home cleaning caught the eye. Arsenal’s defensive stability can make them an economical choice for your defence.

-The most potential player

In addition to looking at the most transferred players, it’s important to take a look at players who have the potential to shine in the second week of play.

Jackson (£7.0m) – Chelsea

Jackson’s promising start for Chelsea attracted attention, despite not scoring. A better upcoming schedule could boost his scoring potential.

Chilwell (£5.6m) – Chelsea Chilwell’s role at left-back puts him in pole position on the pitch.

Diaby (£6.5m) – Aston Villa

Diaby offers a convenient entry point into the Aston Villa forward line. Playing in the centre, he acts as an additional forward.

James Maddison (£7.5m) – Tottenham

Maddison’s playmaking ability could prove crucial in upcoming games.

-Predict the player with the highest score

Players most likely to score high in game week 2..

Haaland – 8.3

Salah – 7.1


Bruno F – 5.5

Watkins – 5.5

TAA (Trent Alexander-Arnold) – 5.5

Madison – 5.4

Diaby – 5.1

Putra – 5.1

Episode – 4.9

From – 4.9

These players have a lot of promise in Gameweek 2. They are worth considering in your squad.


Choosing the right captain for a game week is a decision that can have a significant impact on your FPL performance. Some names that have great potential to become captains in Gameweek 2 are Mohamed Salah, Erling Haaland and Watkins/Diaby.

Even so, Erling Haaland may be the best option to become captain.

These are 5 Fantasy Premier League tips for game week 2 to get maximum points.


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