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JAKARTA – SAMSUNG organize the Samsung Solve For Tomorrow (SSFT) competition for the first time in Indonesia in 2023. This competition is aimed at high school, vocational and Madrasah Aliyah students from across Indonesia to become innovators who provide innovative solutions based on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). ).

“Samsung Solve for Tomorrow is a medium where children are encouraged and empowered to dare and propose their own ideas to create better change in the community,” said Samsung Electronics Indonesia President Simon Lee, announcing the winners of SSFT 2023 , Wednesday (13/9/2023) in Jakarta.

Of the 309 registered teams, 40 were selected to become semi-finalists and successfully participated in training to turn their ideas into effective plans. In the final stage, 15 teams were selected and held presentation and interview sessions with experts in the STEM field as judges, including the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, the Ministry of Religion, the information and communication technology research – Bandung Institute of Technology and a team from Samsung.

After passing a series of competitions and training courses, the top three teams were selected and the winner chosen by the people won a Samsung prize.

First place was won by Dasher team from Madrasah TechnoNatura Depok, West Java. They have managed to create a solution to sustainability issues through biomass gasification which produces hydrogen from biomass as an environmentally friendly fuel solution.

The solution provided by the Dasher team is to produce hydrogen using an AI-based smart gasifier which will enable a more economical production process. Representatives of the Dasher Team expressed their desire to collaborate with each other to make Indonesia more advanced.

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Second place was instead conquered by the RGB team of SMA Negeri 8 Jakarta. They created KeywordRBG, a learning application that integrates artificial intelligence and gamification to make classroom learning activities more fun. This application can be used by both teachers and students in school.

The RGB team hopes to collaborate with the Ministry of Education and Culture. As Nadiem Makarim stated during the New York summit, teachers and students need a user-based platform.


Third place was won by the Qalam Malaq team from SMA Negeri 78 Jakarta who created the Microalgae Aquarium (Malaq) solution containing microalgae that effectively convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, suitable for addressing air pollution problems in urban areas.

One of the team members Qalam Malaq expressed the team’s hope that they can have a good influence on the younger generations to be able to innovate and achieve results. It is known that the Qalam Malaq team also worked out cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia (KLHK) and targeted the management of SMA and so on to be able to support Malaq and the projects they have.

Through this program, it is hoped that Indonesia’s golden generation can respond to problems with innovative solutions. As stated by the winner, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Wednesday (13/9/2023).

“This is a very valuable provision for them as future leaders of this nation,” he explained. (Taja Aurora Bianca)

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