Closing in two days, here are the conditions for the 2023 BAZNAS Research Grant

TIME.CO, Jakarta – Two more days, registration Scholarship The search for the National Agency Zakat Amil or BAZNAS will be closed. Through this program, BAZNAS offers assistance opportunities to higher education students at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral levels who wish to carry out final assignment research. Registrations are open from 30 August 2023 and will close on 10 September 2023.

This scholarship is open only to colleges accredited at least B by the National Accreditation Council for Higher Education. There are at least 2 categories in this scholarship program, namely General Research and Research for Zakat and Waqf Management Studies Program.

BAZNAS limits the research topics that applicants can submit, namely:
1. Management (collection and distribution) of zakat, infaq, alms and other religious social funds.
2. Disabilities and children with special needs.
3. Health (example: stunting, etc.)
4. Technology (example: Artificial Intelligence, etc.)
5. Extreme poverty
6. Development of 3T communities and traditional communities.

Candidate criteria

Applicants for general category research grants must meet the following criteria:
1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI)
Current Diploma/S1/S2/S3 students who are currently or are working on final assignments for the requirements to graduate and obtain a degree
2. Minimum GPA of 3.00
3. The final project has the theme ZISWAF and several priority themes determined by the selection committee
4. Attach the following documents:
A. Registration form
C. Family card
D. KTM (Student Identity Card)
And. Final GPA transcript
F. Active Study Certificate or Semester Study Plan (KRS)
G. Campus and Department Accreditation
H. Character recommendation letter
I. Declaration letter
J. Research proposal (final assignment)
K. Research PPT (final assignment)
L. CV or Curriculum Vitae and Portfolio for research questions regarding design, digital illustration and cinema.

Meanwhile, the criteria for applying for research scholarships in the category of Zakat and Waqf management studies program is only open to students from campuses that have a Zakat and Waqf management studies program. What differentiates this category from the general research category is that it is only open to current undergraduate students. So, the topic of the final assignment must be related to zakat, infaq, almsgiving and the timeline for registration of faqf and its management by Baznas.

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Recording history

Registration: from 30 August to 10 September 2023
File selection: 4-10 September 2023
Phase 1 announcement: September 11, 2023
Substance selection: 11-29 September 2023
Final announcement: October 2, 2023

What will you get?

Recipients of the BAZNAS research scholarship will receive the following 3 facilities:
1. Regular monthly financing
2. Forum for the presentation of research results
3. Research costs vary for each level of education.
Diploma and Bachelor level students will receive assistance of IDR 4,000,000, while Master level students will receive IDR 7,000,000 and IDR 10,000,000 for Doctoral students.

“We hope that this scholarship program will encourage collaboration among academics, practitioners, experts and stakeholders in creating innovations in zakat management,” explained the President BAZNAS RI for Distribution and Use, Saidah Sakwan, in a written statement in Jakarta on August 31, 2023.

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