CIEF 2023 will open in Guangzhou, showcasing 300 overseas projects

Guangzhou, (MidLand/PRNewswire)- The China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (CIEF) 2023 will take place in Guangzhou from November 17th to 19th. Since 2015, eight editions of the CIEF have been successfully held.

With the theme “enhancing new paths and promoting new development together” (working together to build new paths and promote new development), CIEF 2023 will take place virtually and directly at the event location in the “3+2+N” format , attracting the presence of many high-quality premium projects from China and other countries. One of them is a special exhibition zone showcasing various achievements of the Belt and Road and the Greater Bay Area with more than 500 projects from 84 companies. On the other hand, nearly 200 projects in more than 10 countries, including the United States, Russia, England, France, Germany, Italy and South Korea, are also featured in other exhibition districts.

As reported, the “CIEF Transformation Strategic Cooperation Fund” will be launched to channel funds towards a series of projects, capital towards production processes and technology towards industry. These means therefore form a “technology-industry-finance” cycle.

Numerous collateral events also took place at CIEF, including the inaugural edition of the “CIEF Competition for Innovation and Entrepreneurship” which selected the best innovation and entrepreneurship projects, the exploration of technological achievements and projects on intellectual property rights, roadshows at the event venue, guided tours of industrial sites involving academics and experts and policy conferences. Through this side event, CIEF provides increasingly comprehensive services and support for innovation and entrepreneurship.

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