Chrome has a new Copy Frame Video feature, what is it?

TIME.CO, JakartaGoogle Chrome launch of new features. Regarding browser functionality or navigator Google Chrome can make it easier for user to take screenshot (screenshot) from the video. The new feature is Copy Video Frame. That news announced by Search Chrome Product Manager Yana Yushkina via upload to Google’s blog.

“It’s easy to copy images from websites into Chrome. But what if you want to capture important frames from a lecture recording for your notes?” Yushkina said. She explained that users can take screenshots, but they will get lower quality images.

From Copy video frame

Quoted from Gadgets now, Apart from Chrome, other Chromium-based browsers like Microsoft Edge can also make it easier for users to pause videos. This is by right-clicking, then selecting an option Copy video frame from the pop-up menu.


Users can pause at any point in the video being played in Chrome and get a copy of the desired frame. “Just right-click the video and select Copy Video Frame,” says Yushkina.

Users can copy the results to other applications such as WhatsApp, Google Docs, Notes, Paint and others. There is not yet an option to save copied video images directly to the desktop as files. Users still need to manually paste video frames copied to other platforms, even when using the Copy Video Frame feature.

According to reports Dedicate onselfthis functionality is limited to some services stream, as many of them have limited content retrieval. Chrome Video Frame Copy was launched on August 31, 2023. This is for some Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS users. This feature only works on Youtube and requires some customization.

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