Chinese scientists refuse to admit Indian Chandrayaan-3 landing on Moon’s South Pole: Okezone techno

ONE Chinese scientist Ouyang Ziyuan doubts the landing Chandrayaan-3 India’s Vikram Lander at the Moon’s south pole some time ago.

This was reported in a newspaper in China. Times of science, Sunday (01/10/2023) reported that the scientist said that India’s landing was far from the South Pole of the Moon. According to him, India is located only at 69 degrees south latitude.

Ziyuan believes that the Chandrayaan-3 landing craft is invalid if it is said to have successfully landed on the South Pole of the Moon. The reason is that the South Pole begins around latitudes 88.5 and 90 degrees.

He went on to brag about China’s space program. Where he claimed that the Chinese space program had been able to perform maneuvers that India had not been able to do.

“China has been able to send orbiters and landers directly into Earth-Moon transfer orbit since the launch of Chang’e-2 in 2010, a maneuver that India has not been able to execute given the limited capacity of the its launch vehicles,” he said.

While Ziyuan’s claim is true, the landing is not something the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) claims.

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ISRO pointed out that countries landing closer to the South Pole than other countries can more accurately be called landing at the South Pole.

This is an impressive achievement and a mission that told us about the interesting chemical composition of the lunar soil, even if its location is not at the South Pole.

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