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JAKARTA – Let’s look at the cheat code GTA5 The PS3 is a really cool Lamborghini car both in the real world and in the Grand Theft Auto V game.

The car is something very beautiful. Because the supercar from the German manufacturer is very exclusive because it has a very sporty, fascinating design and wild engine power.

It is therefore not surprising that many people dream of a car with a ramming bull logo. So how do you summon a Lamborghini car in GTA 5?

Here, Okezone summarizes several related sources, Thursday (9/7/2023). GTA 5 cheats PS 3 calls Lamborghini cars.

There is no denying that this game from Rockstar Games can do whatever the player wants, even releasing a cheat function so that players do not have difficulties and do not get bored playing this rather difficult game.

But can one of the tricks evoke a Lamborghini sports car? It turns out that the GTA 5 PS 3 cheat is quite limited in appearing on different sports cars. Why Rockstars Games didn’t release GTA 5 PS3 cheats for Lamborghini cars.

However, game lovers don’t worry because Rockstar Games has provided a place where you can find the Lamborghini car on the streets. In GTA 5, the Lamborghini car is known as Infernus.

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If you are curious then see the full review below.

1. Parker Vespucci Beach

On the GTA 5 map you can set a location Parker Vespucci Beach if you want to find a Lamborghini car.

2. Parking at The Richman hotel in Richman, Los Santos.

The second place you can look to find an Infernus car is the parking lot of The Richman hotel in Richman, Los Santos. This car has a shape that resembles a real-world Lamborghini Murcilago.

3. Buy it with a face value of USD 440,000

If you are too lazy to find two search locations for the Infernus sports car, you can immediately purchase it in the GTA 5 game for a nominal amount of 440,000 USD.

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