Challenged by Mark Zuckerberg on August 26, Elon Musk admits back pain: Okezone techno

SAN FRANCISCO – The duel between Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg seems to have been postponed again. After Zuckerberg set the date for the fight, Musk abruptly admitted that he had to have surgery due to back pain.

The news of the duel between the two billionaires indeed appeared last month. Musk had previously mentioned that his fight with Zuckerberg would be broadcast live on X, which was formerly Twitter.

Zuckerburg then answered the challenge on his microblogging platform, Threads. He also did not hesitate to mention the date of the duel, but has not received confirmation from Musk.

“I’m ready (to duel) today. I suggested August 26 as my first challenge, but he hasn’t confirmed it yet,” Zuckerburg wrote in Threads.

However, it seems that the duel of August 26 will have to be postponed again. Musk will find himself having to undergo an MRI to check the condition of his neck and back, and possibly undergo surgery before the fight,

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“The exact date (duel with Zuckerberg) is still evolving). I have to do an MRI of my neck and back tomorrow.” Musk said in his personal X account on Monday (7/8/2023).

“Surgery is probably needed before the fight starts. More will be heard this week,” Musk continued.

Not only did this deal delay Musk’s scheduled fight with Zuckerberg, it also affected his job as CEO of Telsa and Space X, as well as the owner of X, or what used to be known as Twitter.

On the other hand, both Musk and Zuckerberg have trained in view of the duel. But a number of netizens also suspected that the duel was just a ploy to raise the prestige of their respective companies.

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