Central Kalimantan Deputy Governor calls on SMA/SMK/SLB students to exercise their right to vote

Palangka Raya (MidLand) –

Central Kalimantan (Kalteng) Deputy Governor Edy Pratowo has called on SMA/SMK/SLB students in the local province who are 17 years old or older to have the right to vote for use in the 2024 elections.

“General elections were held across the country, including in Central Kalimantan, on February 14. We come to the polling station (TPS), we use our right to vote according to our respective consciences. “Our voice is the future of the Indonesian nation,” he said in Palangka Raya on Monday.

He conveyed this during the socialization and growing participation in elections for SMA/SMK/SLB students across Central Kalimantan, which was centered in SMA Negeri 2 Palangka Raya.

This activity takes place every five years during general elections, targeting first-time voters. The goal is for students to be able to exercise their right to vote in democratic celebrations.

The deputy governor urged students eligible to vote not to waste their votes and use them as a form of enthusiasm and participation of the younger generation to make democracy a success.

“Bring awareness to be able to determine the leaders, be they president, members of the DPR, DPD, or provincial, district and city DPRD,” he called on the new voters.

The acting head of the Central Kalimantan Education Service, M. Reza Prabowo, said that this aims to increase the participation of first-time voters, one of which is to provide information on checking the names and locations of polling stations via DPT online.

“Use your right to vote, don’t waste it, show the enthusiasm of young people to take an active role in the progress of the nation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Central Kalimantan KPU member Harmain explained the information regarding the holding of the general elections on February 14, 2024. Students who already have an E-KTP check the polling station where they can register on the dptonline.kpu website.

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Reporter: Muhammad Arif Hidayat
Publisher: Guido Merung
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