Celebrating Batik Day, 1,000 elementary school students in Jakarta will do batik together

TIME.CO, Jakarta – At the height of the event Batik Day October 2, 2023, 1,000 student Jakarta’s elementary schools are expected to be tilted batik Together. “Students will sing batik and celebrate Batik Day,” said Sofyan Hakim, head of the education unit for Central Jakarta Region 1, at the opening of the 2023 Batik Festival in Lapangan Banteng, Jakarta, on September 30, 2023 .

The general president of the Indonesian Muslim Women Traders Association, Siti Nur Azizah Ma’ruf Amin, supports this event. “We need to preserve batik, so regeneration is needed, like the younger brothers who will carry out batik activities with canting,” Siti said.

Since batik is Indonesia’s cultural heritage recognized worldwide by UNESCO, it is a source of pride that should be preserved. Consider student involvement a positive and positive educational activity.

As for Betawi batik, Siti considers the activity a symbol of support to be able to educate and socialize the cultural heritage among other batik.


The opening event was also enlivened by a batik-themed fashion show by designer Frida Aulia. Early last September, Frida was chosen to showcase her batik-themed fashion designs at New York Indonesia Fashion Week 2023.

For your information, there is also an annual Flona activity at Banteng Field. To differentiate, the Batik Festival event tents are near the statue and dancing fountain, while the Flona participants’ tents are near the entrance in front of Hotel Borobudur.

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