Careful! Cybercrime is increasingly widespread ahead of the 2024 elections: Okezone techno

JAKARTA – Ahead of the 2024 general election, the threat of cybercrime is expected to become increasingly widespread. This fact is conveyed by Palo Alto Networks ASEAN data.

According to Steven Scheurmann, ASEAN regional vice president of Palo Alto Networks, the elections will provide cybercriminals with the opportunity to collect data on citizens for future use. Here criminals will use a variety of methods to collect citizens’ data.

According to Steven, cyber criminals will use ransomware, phishing, spear phishing, and many other methods. And to make their steps more fluid, they will also use various disguises. Everything is done to gain financial gain using the stolen data.

“Cybercriminals can tailor their attacks to political campaigns and candidates during elections. They target the weakest link in the security system: users using asocially engineered manipulative lures,” Steven told the MNC Indonesia portal , Wednesday (20/9/2023). .

“Often seen as URL phishing or SMS phishing, these attacks require comprehensive endpoint protection and a high level of security awareness,” he continued.

Steven added that leaking national data and selling it on the dark web would make it easier for unethical actors to purchase and abuse these identities for more malicious attacks. There are even rumors that a leaked national identity could be used to destroy election campaigns.

Furthermore, Steven said that in addition to cyber attacks in the form of data theft, there will also be widespread cyber attacks using deepfakes in the election year with the aim of defaming and embarrassing election candidates, spreading unethical propaganda, and spread false news.

Steven said attacks will usually focus on persuasion or persuasion to move, stop or silence political groups or messages, so it is necessary for every citizen to continue to protect themselves from cyber attacks.

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