Careful! Billions of Intel processors suspected of leaking user passwords: Okezone techno

THREAT Cyberspace is increasingly prevalent with the collection of personal data. One of them is stealing or leaking someone’s password.

Now a Google researcher and security expert, Daniel Moghimi has discovered vulnerabilities in a number of Intel processors that affect sensitive user data.

Reported by Digital trendOn Sunday (8/13/2023), this case is called Downfall and affects billions of Intel processors used on users’ personal computers, as well as cloud servers.

In his statement, Moghimi pointed out that anyone can experience this problem even if they are not even using an Intel processor. The problem is that Intel dominates the server market in the world.

“An attacker could exploit the Downfall vulnerability to steal data and credentials from other customers using the same cloud,” he explained.

Moghimi explained that the vulnerability occurred because a memory optimization feature in Intel processors accidentally exposed internal hardware registers to software.

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The result is that untrusted software is able to access data stored by other programs, which normally shouldn’t be accessible.

Even though it is dangerous, hacking Downfall is actually very difficult and complicated. Also, Intel periodically releases fixes.


Intel said it would release new microcode for the affected chips and advised users to update their firmware to avoid the crash.

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